Global Professionals, a Strategic Project for Creating Globally Competent Professionals
Minutes of the 10th course of the GP lecture

A course on developing resourcefulness
 「Kosé Global Business Policy; Kosé celebrated its 70th anniversary on March 2, 2016」  
Speaker: Kobayashi Masanori Kosé Corporation Director / Head of Global Business Division

■About Kosé
∟Innovation beauty company since 1946, marking its 71st anniversary in 2017.
∟Kozarubo Kobayashi, whose desire was to recreate Japan, founded the company at the age
of 50.
∟Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000. (Being a family-owned
company enables us to propel our business forward with our long-term vision.)
∟The company, a pioneer in making essence skin care products and power foundation.

■Kosé’s Characteristics
∟The cosmetic company, where we’ve built our own laboratories with high level of technology and factories.
∟It is difficult to successively develop hit products in the cosmetics market, but our continued
authentic research always allows us to release new products in the market.
∟The president makes the final decision on planning, designs, fragrance, and advertisement.

■Kosé’s Global Business Strategies
∟US & EU: Promoting our brands with Japaneseness and wining the recognition and respect
in the markets, not accommodating to the markets.
∟India: With a focus on Skincare Brand Spawake, on-site manufacturing and local selling.
∟Brazil: In Brazil, established as No.1 or No.2 share in the global consumer hair care market,
our products will arrive in stores in 2017.
∟China: Creating brand value for luxury department stores, and acquiring new customers
and patronage using SMS.

☆☆☆Part 2☆☆☆
A course on emotional marketing
「YAMAHA MOTOR CO.,LTD. “Creating Kando*” Global・Marketing.」
*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense
excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

Speaker: Inamura Tetsuya
Executive General Manager Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit

■About Yamaha Mortor Co.,LTD.
・Corporate Mission – a “ Kando” Creating Company
・Brand Slogan – Revs your heart
・Doing business in 180 countries. – Motorcycles, Marine Products, Power Products, Industrial
Robots, Automobile Engines, Pools, Electrical Power Assisted Bicycles.
・In 1897 Nippon Gakki Co.,Ltd. was established. →During World WarⅡ they made fighter aircraft propellers. →The motorcycle manufacturing department was spun off from Nippon Gakki, and in 1955 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was established.
■Marketing Strategies and Action in a developed market (Japan, Europe and the US),
emerging markets (Asia and South America), developing countries (The Middle East, Africa,
Mexico, Central America and Caribbean)

1) Developed Market
∟Hobbies/To use a bike for transportation.
∟To compete with European motorcycle manufacturers with their brand identities.
→Running a campaign about “The dark side of Japan” considering what’s cool about Japan.
■North America
∟As a hobby=Harley-Davidson is a leading maker in the motorcycle market.
→Selection and concentration on off-road driving, reflecting the result of customer life cycle

2)Emerging Markets
■Southeast Asia
∟Commute mode share is increasing.
∟Target customers: Continuing to sell to women and young urban people.
∟Lower prices of outboard motor challenged us to launch a new product, only to fail the challenge. ⇒ It’s important to challenge yourself even though you fail.
Offering remotely-piloted helicopters for precision agriculture and agricultural spraying
enables us to create new customer value.

3)Developing Market
∟Senegal: Through the project, “Go Beyond Caravan”, connect better with customers.
Founded Yamaha Riding Academy to teach how to ride a motorcycle, then offer motorcycles
to deliver vaccines, and build Yamaha brand awareness.

■Summary: Important things to implement overseas business strategy.
1. To continuously create new original values.
2. To continuously create a lot of valuable customer touchpoints.
  ⇒ Revs Your Heart