Producing Global Professionals for the 21st century

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Our country’s rapid postwar recovery and its significant economic growth that realized world’s second largest GDP is now a story of the past.

“Time” sure flies. Even Japan, who built spectacular economic prosperity has now entered true maturation by creating an era of “plenty of goods”

from “lack of goods”. Demand structure is facing an extreme transformation.

This means companies and individual’s lifestyles in general public are also facing dramatic changes. Please realize that position as one of the largest economic giant in the world is now a myth. Indeed, world’s economic after Plaza Accord has become a global economic, meaning it has become truly borderless. In other words, as a result of border line itself changing from solid to dotted line, managerial resources such as capital, technology, customer and company are travelling freely across the border. Therefore, concept of “competition” has been changing from “competition of rankings”

to “competition of matches”. We can say that for places without continuous growth, it is becoming easier to face bankruptcy or disintegration.

Recognition of focusing on one’s own growth strategy from being aware of rivals will prevail and make creativity possible.  Therefore, mechanism to sustain advantage at a high level (research, study) is now called in question. On the other hand, sadly today’s politicians as well as business administrators in Japan do not object to any sacrifice or means if it is to secure advantages and this is now becoming to be considered normal.

Especially, nuclear power plant problems occurred by the disaster of The Great East Japan Earthquake tsunami on March 11, 2011. For this or not, obsolescence phenomenon due to collusion of government and bureaucrat, corruption and etc. such as corrupted embezzlement of industry has become exposed and many people are in the height of anxiety. Besides, there is nothing more miserable that “fake human” phenomenon. In surrounding areas nearby, we are surprising to find many grave problems such as dreadful crime and accidents, especially murder caused by young people and young wives harming and killing their small children and etc., being piled up.

On the contrary in the field of industry including Japan, thanks to advanced IT rise of neighboring countries including north eastern Asian countries; especially next door country China’s remarkable development and growth, further, accelerated  phenomenon is astonishing. In other words, within the frame of global standard, with West at the head of the list neighboring Asian countries, started for BRICS market with expectations on its future growth.

Do we do nothing but just look the terrific progress of neighboring nations and their activities? When “Plenty of things” becomes a natural situation, the spirit of advance is tend to be disappeared due to the fact that people likely to be contented with following a past success experience, the system, and the custom without not paying attention to current “Flow”. This is like lifestyle-related diseases and like the current Japanese situation.

There is a steady insistence in the United States which is shown as the “Young Report” in 1985 and “Innovate America (Palmisano report)” in 2004. These prove that American are always cautioning, admonishing and warning themselves to insist on what they should do “today” for a lot of juniors and descendant who assume America’s future prosperity. The society and the market are moving. Besides, it moves dynamically. We are also in a whirlpool of “Innovation”. It is “Earth” movement. That is why “Revolution” is necessary. The nation, industry, the enterprise, and the individual will face the crisis of ruin if there is no “Revolution”. Constant “Innovation” creates the expected value in the future.

In Board less age, those who have global thinking make these happens; 

1. Global priority of Japanese country

2.Challenge to acute competition in the world

3. Lifestyle with credibility

4. Global communication

5. New marketing strategies such as marketing strategies 3.0

In other words, now is the time when we expect for 21st century global professionals and translate it into reality. We call a global professional who can contribute the world by action with logical thinking, who is sensitive to information, has an expert knowledge and challenge to self-actualization according to his or her own precepts. This project has been continued for 7 years to create a global professionals who can build the strong position in the world. This project is one of the exciting activities which is counted by the world and I believe this project also foster human resources with creative talent.