Global Professionals, a Strategic Project for Creating Globally Competent Professionals

Minutes of the 9th course of the GP lecture

Part2 ❝ In order for sei-katsu-sha to feel urged to buy,❞ how to set a mind of value innovation from
a sei-katsu-sha perspective.

      Consultant Hakuhodo Brand Design Okuda Shoo

  1. What is value innovation for a sei-katsu-sha perspective?
    ■ What is sei-katu-sha?
    ∟In 1981, Hakuhodo started to use the word sei-katsu-sha as a marketing term.
    ∟Consumer (shohisha) → Living person (sei-katsu-sha: the holistic person, an individual with a lifestyle, aspiration
    and dreams.) As the means of realizing their lifestyle, products exist.

■ Not only with technological innovation, but also with value innovation, by changing perspective, your business
may sometimes break through.

■ Innovation
∟We tend to think of innovation as technological progress, but more importantly, we should think of it from
the viewpoint of how to enrich our lives.
∟Innovation for your life gives you an impression that your life will get better.

■ Past (A world of material shortage) → Present (A world of material plenty)
∟Time has come where technical innovation doesn’t mean innovation.
∟With new perceptions and actions, markets grow.
∟Copying hot sellers doesn’t work. It’s more important to help find a new perspective.
∟1. Recognize present value 2. Innovate value 3. Generate new ideas from value

  1. Three habits to acquire deep insights into sei-katsu-sha.
    ∟1. To come up with a concrete episode.
    ∟2. To think about how people think, to put yourself in others’ shoes.
    ∟3. To express it in one simple sentence.

  2. Obstacles to acquire deep insights into sei-katsu-sha.
    ∟1. Pitfalls of applying frameworks.
    Using frameworks is effective when you sort out the successful examples in the past, but deciding what contents
    and how you fill in is more important.

∟2. Pitfalls of Data.
Not taking actions according to data, but try to understand the people’s feelings behind data.